Eye Problems | Read Mistakes You Might Be Making

They say the eyes are the light to the body. More especially when you have perfectly healthy eyes, excellent vision and clear eyes, free of pain or other symptoms that are crucial to your health and well-being.

The risk for developing an eye condition increases with age. But other factors can also up your odds of experiencing vision problems in the future.
Taking care of your eyes to avoid eye problems down the road isn’t complicated, but it’s easy to slip up. Avoid these common mistakes and be on your way to better eye health today.

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Unnecessary Touching and Rubbing of the Eye

Whether you wear contacts or not, you’re asking for trouble by unnecessary poking and rubbing your eyes. “Sometimes your eyes itch and you have to rub, but it’s best to keep the lid closed and only touch the outside of the eye,” Rubbing too hard can also lead to broken blood vessels and inflammation.

Sleeping In Your Contact Lenses

Even though it’s so easy to fall asleep in your contacts, it can be seriously hazardous to your eye health. People who sleep while wearing contacts that aren’t safe for dozing are at a higher risk of developing corneal infections (infections of the transparent layer on the front of your eye) than those who don’t. Sleeping in your contacts reduces the oxygen to your corneas, which is essential for keeping them healthy. What’s worse, your corneas don’t have any blood vessels to protect them from infection, according to the National Eye Institute, so they’re pretty susceptible to harm.

Looking at Devices For Long Time

Looking at devices for long periods of time can cause computer vision syndrome (also called digital eye strain), a group of eye and vision-related problems directly linked to staring at screens for too long. The most common symptoms are a sensation that your eyes are strained, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain.

Sleeping In Makeups

Hitting the sack without washing your face can do more than leave mascara stains on your pillow; it can also clog the glands around your peepers and lead to irritated skin, pimples, and even styes—painful, raised bumps that can appear on or around the eyelids.

Not Seeing a Professional Eye Doctor

Seeing a doctor will allow you to get a proper diagnosis and efficient treatment plan. That means when you do get into the office, you should be totally honest about your eye habits, even if you know they haven’t been stellar. Your truthfulness can go a long way towards helping your doctor make a diagnosis—and lower the odds you’ll have eye issues in the future.






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